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  • Artistic

    Okimma provides a platform that re creates the artistic passion hidden inside you. Its wide range of design patterns, themes, easy to use design tools makes the web to mobile transition a smooth hassle free one. The range of services provided by Okimma makes every individual takeout the inner talent of design capability when it comes to Smartphone website developments.

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    One platform that supports all Smart phones design needs. The custom made designs, algorithms & display features fits most commonly used mobile platforms. The easy to use design features, enable users to validate their designs again and again until they reach a point where they can proudly say yes this is what I imagined.

  • Bonded architecture

    Okimma is created to serve the never ending need of web to mobile conversion of websites. Okimma's state of the art design provides a smooth transition, where conversion from web to mobile can be accomplished in fractions of seconds, its market leading web to mobile conversion features provides consolidated, artistic & skilled environment for development.