Frequently asked questions

  • ?Are all elements of my site compatible with OKIMMA?

    For majority of websites, all elements will be made compatible. However, upon creation of the mobile site OKIMMA automatically removes the following elements if they are found on the original site.

    • Style Attributes
    • Height and Width Attributes
    • JavaScript
    • OnClick Events
    • iFrames
    • Background Images
    • Tables are placed into single column layout

    These elements can be retrieved back using the editor if you need them. However there are a few elements that we don't support:

    • Adobe Flash
    • Framesets
    • ecommerce Shopping Carts
    • Form submissions
  • ?How does the static header & footer work?

    The header and footer of mobile websites remain unchanged in all pages. Changes are made only to the body of the WebPages. That means if you edit the footer on a sub-page of your mobile website the change will be made on the homepage of your main website as well.

  • ?My site is showing content that doesn't appear in the editor.

    This happens when the editor falls out of sync with the mobile site. You can troubleshoot this by going to the settings, select pages and then add the page that has the issue.

  • ?How to change icon for navigation menu?

    Go to the Menu Settings and select view icons. Here you can select the menu icons.

  • ?Page background vs. Content background

    There are two backgrounds for your mobile site. The first is Page background. This is the background of the entire site. The content background is where you see all the content. In most templates this is simply the area below the navigation, but it varies according to templates.


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