• Websites Optimized for Smart Phones

    Smartphone’s are fast replacing other gadgets used for web surfing. But are all websites optimized for Smartphone’s? [+][-]

  • Real-time Synchronization

    Our Content Management System (CMS) constantly monitors all updates of your website. Any change made to the text, image  [+][-]

  • Mobile Analytics

    Mobile Analytics monitors the traffic in your mobile website. It analyse all the visits made by users, separating them  [+][-]

  • Stunning Free Templates and Custom paid templates

    Our store has collections of more than fifty templates. You can choose the apt one for your mobile website free of cost. [+][-]

  • Click To Call

    ‘Click To Call’ is a handy feature that lets the user to call you in the press of a button. This feature is exclusive [+][-]

  • WordPress Friendly

    OKIMMA templates are designed to work for the popular blogging sites, WordPress and Blogger. Our platform works seamlessly [+][-]

  • CMS for customization

    Our Content Management System (CMS) is always in tune with all the latest updates. It permits you to do a hand full of [+][-]

  • SMS your business

    ‘SMS your business’ is a marketing tool embedded with OKIMMA mobile websites. The users who click on this button will [+][-]

  • Optimized for major platforms

    OKIMMA optimizes your website for all major operating platforms including IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.  [+][-]

  • Maps with direction

    ‘Maps with Direction’ allows the user to find you in a map provided along with our template. [+][-]


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